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(PCI) Data Security

If you accept credit card payments in your store, you are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. Our free information will detail for you how Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) can help you comply with the standard. How secure is your customers' credit card data?

- Protecting Customer Information

Real Inventory Costs

The checkout counter is the spot where the customer meets the store. The checkout experience - supported by the point-of-sale (POS) system - strongly influences the way shoppers feel about their store shopping experience and whether they want to return.

- Is Your POS Good Enough?

Clothing Store Point of Sale,
Apparel POS

POS Systems For Any Retail Business

IUG Business Solutions is a leading supplier of clothing store point of sale (POS) systems for luxury goods and apparel retailers. IUG Business Solutions provides the following point of sale solutions: Retail POS Software, Retail POS Hardware, and Retail POS Systems. Clothing stores and apparel stores require seamless Integration of business processes and systems, from design, to ordering to sales. With our clothing store point of sale and apparel POS solutions, retailers develop lasting customer relationships, manage multi-store inventory, and can may market to customers to generate repeat business.Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 Software

Our retail point of sale POS systems have the following features:

Integration: Connect business processes and systems. Track sales and inventory across channels including eCommerce, stores and warehouses. Integrate processes and programs, with one common interface, from design software to financial systems.

Point of Sale: Support critical store functions. Enable timely, reliable communication of inventory status and reporting of customer and sales data between stores and headquarters. Track sales reps, commissions, performance, and special events.

Inventory: Integrated seamless inventory management enables visibility and tracking via all channels from the stores to the web, to the warehouse. Support multi tiered inventory management and tracking, from shoes, to clothing, to accessories. Access real time inventory levels in stores and across channels. Streamline ordering, replenishment, and transfers.

Customer Relationship Management: Enable chain wide delivery of customer relationship data and tools to enhance customer service and marketing. Utilize a customized customer database and detailed customer information, including: purchase history, preferences, and reporting. Support global customer maintenance: from in stores, to online. Maintain and share one customer database for superior customer service.

Reporting and Business Intelligence: Access business intelligence tools. Detailed reporting and key metrics are delivered to the right individual at the right time. See features like these with reporting and analytics: singular, comprehensive database for storage, flexible customizable reporting tools: show performance against store level and company wide metrics. View consolidated reporting, trends and analytics, with snapshots.

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