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(PCI) Data Security

If you accept credit card payments in your store, you are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. Our free information will detail for you how Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) can help you comply with the standard. How secure is your customers' credit card data?

- Protecting Customer Information

Real Inventory Costs

The checkout counter is the spot where the customer meets the store. The checkout experience - supported by the point-of-sale (POS) system - strongly influences the way shoppers feel about their store shopping experience and whether they want to return.

- Is Your POS Good Enough?

School POS School Store Point of Sale

POS Systems For Any Retail Business

Schools, colleges, and universities require point of sale technology that not only efficiently manages retail operations but helps administrators develop student relationships. With an emphasis on multi-channel environments, and mixed use facilities, schools and universities must cater to an ever changing student population. IUG Business Solutions is a leading supplier of school point of sale (POS) systems for Colleges, Schools and Universities. IUG Business Solutions provides the following point of sale solutions to Schools, Colleges and Universities: Retail POS Software, Retail POS Hardware, and Retail POS Systems. All of our school POS solutions are backed by award winning service and support, training and onsite installation assistance to ensure your retail point of sale system is working from the start. Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 Software

Below are just a few of the critical functions our school store point of sale (POS) systems offer:

Student Database: Maintain relationships with students as customers and integrate your student database. Define unique information regarding student attributes, including required curriculum, books, supplies, and accounts. Distribute upcoming school events and activities directly to student email accounts.

POS Functions: Accommodate critical POS functions required to deliver superior customer service and speed transactions. Manage special orders and fulfillment of out of stock items; link to purchasing, receiving and specific customer account. Define discounts and special programs and track faculty budgets and spending by department. Integrate your web store for streamlined item tracking, and ordering.

Inventory: Build and track unique inventory types, and accommodate ordering, sales and transfers. Accommodate receiving, reordering, and product descriptions with ISBN numbers. Sell and track school branded apparel with matrix functionality. Combine apparel component and attribute information, and create unique items and barcodes. Accommodate pre selected combinations of inventory items, including laboratory equipment; predefined kits allow for easy order processing at the start of a semester.

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